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The most important thing when choosing a school and destination to take the English course is undoubtedly the accommodation. Before deciding, the student should be clear about the options and the differences between them. It is a very personal decision and each individual has their own preferences, food diet and specific requirements. Contact us to explain in detail the different alternatives.




Most of our students opt for homestay accommodation. This type of accommodation allows you to experience the culture of the country more intensely. We can distinguish between two types of homestay accommodation:


+ Host Family half board: Includes breakfast and dinner. This option allows you to share meals with the family.

+ Self Catering in which the student has the right to use the kitchen, he himself makes the purchase and cooks his own food. This type of accommodation is somewhat cheaper than Host Family with half board.


Families can be a family, a couple or a person living on her own. The accommodation department of each school chooses them directly to offer a pleasant welcome and stay to the student. They are generally close to the school, it is a way to practice English naturally, they are periodically reviewed to offer the high level required by the school.
On the day of arrival, the family will show the student how to get to the school, generally it is between 20 and 30 minutes from the school on foot or by bus.

Host Families provide two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, included in the price of accommodation.
The student has a room for himself, with a bed, a place to store clothes and a table to study.

Junior students, children under 16, groups of adults or if requested by the student or their parents, they can have a double room shared with another student. Students sharing a room will be with another student of a different nationality (unless otherwise requested) so it is a good opportunity to practice, speak and think in English and thus enrich their knowledge of English life.

There will be no more than three students in the same family at the same time. The washing machine can be used at least once a week, the adults will agree with the families, they provide the service to the juniors.

Families provide breakfast and dinner for students between the ages of 16 and 17 on adult English courses seven days a week, the students themselves will need to buy half a day's food




This type of accommodation is for those who prefer to live and feel more independent and cook for themselves instead of being in a family home. It is very popular so before booking it is convenient to ask us about its availability.

The student will share accommodation with other international students of the school, these are student houses, small apartments or residences with a greater number of rooms, all of them no more than 20 minutes from the school, in the best area, the most emblematic of Bristol, Clifton, where the school is located.

Some of the houses have a private shower or even en-suite (private bathroom), each house is different and has different facilities and common areas. They all have a single room, Wi-Fi and access to laundry.

In residence halls and shared houses, students are responsible for cleaning their own room and common areas including the bathroom and kitchen.





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