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Ingles Intensivo

Intensive English Courses


For students who want to achieve their English goals quickly and customize their course with a series of electives.

The intensive course offers the possibility of obtaining greater fluency and precision in a short period of time.



You’ll get more out of this course if


punto Your level is between Beginner and Advanced.
punto You want to improve your English in a short time-period.
punto You want to personalise your course through a choice of electives.
punto You want have a long stay and fully dedicate your time to learning English.
punto You want to benefit from spending as much time as possible with a teacher in a classroom environment.





2 Class
1st Módule
1st Módule
2 Class
2nd Módule
2nd Módule
2 Class
3rd Módule
3rd Módule

Optative Class


It's your English course, so you decide what you want to study!


In the third module, you can choose between different options. Thus, you will be able to focus on the areas of English that you want to improve, which will undoubtedly help you to get the most out of the time in your English course.


punto Written.
punto Oral.
punto Grammar.
punto Vocabulary.
punto Musical english.
punto Middle school english.
punto Film English.

More exposure to English


The more contact you have with English, the better your language learning will be.

You can be sure that you will receive a wealth of confidence-building conversation lessons, exercises, explanations, information and observations, all delivered in an effective and fun way by dedicated teachers.



Maximum contact with the teacher


Your teachers will guide your progress throughout the educational process.

Six classes a day means spending more time with your teachers, who will be at your disposal to correct your mistakes and guide you in the right direction. Your creative and dynamic lessons will help you speak English with greater confidence.


Intensive focus on all skills


In your intensive English course, you will have the time and opportunity to work on all your skills.

The more time you spend in class, the more time you can seriously focus on the four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Of course, there are other skills, such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling, that play an important role in effective communication.



Thematic classes in everyday contexts


Each class is dedicated to a fixed topic and all the essential English you need to know is taught in the context of that topic.

Using newspapers, CDs, the Internet, videos and other proprietary resources, our teachers use real-life materials that will not only help you understand how native speakers use English, but will also enable you to study English independently long after you have finished. finish the course. Afterwards, you will be able to correctly apply your newly acquired skills in other situations.


An educational but relaxed environment


Your ability and motivation will improve in a classroom with a great atmosphere.

Happy students learn better than dissatisfied ones. This is no secret, but it is something we strongly believe in. For this reason, our classrooms are places where work is carried out in informal and relaxed environments.




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