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English for Aviation

Intensive Preparation for the ICAO Level 4 Aviation English

Aviation English ICAO Level 4 Training (ICAO Aviation English Levels 1, 2, and 3 Training Is Also Available)
All air traffic controllers, pilots and technicians must have ICAO operational level 4 of English from March 2008.
Our courses are adapted to meet the guidelines in the ICAO English-language proficiency descriptors.

Total inmersion

The only language-training organization to specialize exclusively in the provision of intensive immersion courses. All pilots, air traffic controllers or technicians are immersed in an environment conducive to serious, concentrated study. Placement with one of our carefully chosen host families ensures that even after school there is the opportunity to maximize exposure to the language and use it in real life situations.

Achieving goals

In our schools in worldwide, the participant is obliged to speak, listen to and read the language all day long. This powerful combination of structured learning within the school and spontaneous language acquisition outside ensures the participant achieves their language learning ambition – ICAO Operational level 4.

Building confidence

Our institute language training is about coaching the individual rather than the traditional concept of "teaching". We believe that the key to language acquisition is confidence and, therefore, the pattern of coaching is:

Confidence → Fluency → Accuracy

Once an individual has increased their confidence in the language, the skills and accuracy will follow naturally. Private study time is also organized to maximize improvement in English.

Far results

Our students share the same aim and the same commitment to learning. Time spent on language learning tasks has an impact on the results. The more time individuals are immersed in language learning activities, the more quickly they acquire language skills. Bristol is the center for aviation in England. It has many industries related to aviation as well as a number of airports. A good example is Filton/Parkway in the north of the city - the airport is owned by BAE SYSTEMS but operation is sub-contracted. It is used by business aircraft including those of BAE SYSTEMS, Airbus UK and Rolls Royce, and by flying-club aircraft.

The city of Bristol: Aviation center of England

Large transport aircraft being maintainedby MK Aviation fly in and out, and there are occasional visits of new Airbus aircraft operated by that company.
Intensive General English Octorialprogramme in international classes.
Maximum 8 students to a class and 30 hours of tuition a week, including study skills work and confidence coaching.
Intensive General English programme as above combined with Aviation topic seminars given by aviation professionals and linked visits, plus project work with native speakers.
All of the above can be combined with additional tutorial lessons tailored to the needs of the individual e.g. one hour one to one per week or more.
Instructor training course details are available on request.
Custom made courses are arranged on request for groups: Pilots, Air Controllers or Technicians.

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Improve your fluency in English, focusing on speaking, listening, reading and writing to improve your level of English!

general english

Reach your English goal faster by taking more lessons and focus your course on business, conversation, grammar, exam preparation and more options.

courses intensive

Custom made courses are arranged on request for groups of students, professionals and employees from institutions and organizations.

courses groups

Develop confidence and facilitate conversation for a fluent speaking style.

courses conversational

Enjoy a family holiday in England while learning to speak English either in formal classes or through activities.

courses family

Develop the fluency, accuracy and communication skills you need to work confidently in the English speaking business world.

for professionals

ICAO Level 4 training. Our courses are adapted to meet the guidelines in the ICAO English-language proficiency descriptors.

for aviation

To students between 12-17 years old. Excellent English classes and supervised daily social programme events.

for juniors

We offer preparation exams courses for Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and BULATS

for everyone

In 3 hours tour you will have a bank account, NIN appointment, NHS doctor, mobile, accommodation and advise to look for a job.

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