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About Bristol

Bristol  is one of the most vibrant, colourful and creative cities in Europe. Cosmopolitan, compact, energetic, unique, fun, lively, young, exotic and free-spirited, rich in history and festival such as Ashton Court Festival, Bristol Community Festival or the Balloon festival.
The city offer a great opportunity to foreigner students to feel close to English society and its culture which make faster to learn the language and to live and exiting experience. Bristol has a happy environment and warm atmosphere that is important to help you feeling as at home.
The distant from the accommodation that our schools and our accommodation department normally provide to the students are walking distance to the school, city centre, clubs and restaurants areas to give the best quality life.
Bristol has its fair share of famous people who either have been born in Bristol or spent a large part of their life in Bristol such as Banksy, Cary Grant, Cathy Barry, David Prowse, Derren Brown, Ian Holloway, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, James May, John Cabot, John Atyeo, Johnny Ball, Justin Lee Collins, Lee Evans, Massive Attack, Stephen Merchant, Tricky, Wallace and Gromit (& creator Nick Park) and the Wurzels.
Bristol is a thriving modern city, with a long history that can be traced back over a thousand years. This history has been dominated by its location near to the sea - thus industries such as food and drink, tobacco, paper, print and packaging have shaped Bristol. Although Bristol is no longer a major port the docks still play a key part in Bristol´s life. Bristol has a population of about 0.4 million.
Location within Britain is also a key to Bristol´s sucess. The M4 and M5 motorways link Bristol to London, the Souoth-East and the Midlands and the North. In close proximity to Bristol are the Cotswolds, the Mendips, and the Forest of Dean across the new Severn Bridge, as is the city of Bath.
The arts flourish, with opera, film, ballet, museums, galleries and music of every kind. Bristol has two main football teams (City and Rovers), two main rugby teams (Bristol and Clifton) and contains Gloucestershire Country Cricket Club´s ground. Bristol also has some stunning architecture.
Bristol has two Universities, Bristol University (founded in 1876) and the University of the West of England (formerly a polytechnic). Both have influenced the city due to the excellent reputation in England, thousands of English students from the rest of England are coming to Bristol every year to study and with them is coming the energy that make this city unic. Bristol University also own many of the historic buildings in Bristol.

What people say about Bristol?

What people say about Bristol?
Bristol has topped the list of the most liveable cities in Britain, according to a new survey 2013

The Independent
"The most beautiful, interesting and distinguished city in England."

John Betjeman, former Poet Laureate
"A truly vibrant city with its theatres, the Downs, its university, wonderful squares and the magnificent suspension bridge across the Avon as it winds into the heart of the city. Its geographical heritage, complimented by its waterways and beautiful countryside make it a true jewel of the West and a city that will remain in my heart forever."

Jeremy Irons, Actor
"I love Bristol, I love this part of the South West and it´s just such a great place to work. We could be in Glasgow, Manchester or London. But I love Bristol."

Noel Edmonds, Presenter of Deal or No Deal which is filmed in Bristol.
"A city of radical energy and laid-back confidence."

The Times
"Small enough to explore easily, big enough to entertain handsomely."

The Observer
"Beautiful architecture, wonderful hotels, superb restaurants, a choice of theatres and fabulous shopping awaits visitors to this ancient harbour city."

Sunday Mirror
"Bristol is Britain´s finest waterfront city."

Maine Sunday Telegram, USA
"In this cosmopolitan and sophisticated city, the past and present merge to create a dynamic yet relaxing place to take a break. Bristol has it all."

En Voyage Aurigny Air Inflight Magazine
"One of Britain´s best kept secrets"

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